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THE BEST diving in ALL of the Caribbean can be found right in our backyard in the waters surrounding Roatan and the Bay Islands!! THE SECOND LARGEST BARRIER REEF IN THE ENTIRE WORLD backs its thing up to the island’s coastline... making Roatan one of the TOP DIVING DESTINATIONS ON THE PLANET!! The entire planet!! Can you believe it!?


Up to 95% of the Caribbean's coral and fish species live here! Its THE MOST diverse area for marine life on EARTH!! We are always seeing things! Its like living in a real life version of THE LITTLE MERMAID!! With MASSIVE SCHOOLS of tropical fish like Blue Tang, Bermuda Chub, and Horse eye Jacks cruising the top of the reef, every kind of Trigger fish, Chromis and Creole Wrasse swarm the drop offs! Hawksbill and Green turtles are always sailing about munching sponges and high fiving each other!! It makes you think Ariel will pop out at any moment!

The large sandy plateaus stretch along like a majestic underwater desert and thats where the Southern Sting Rays and Spotted Eagle Rays hang while they chow down on buried crustaceans! Hiding in the coral formations we always see all different types of shrimp, crabs, lobsters, as well as Spotted, Golden Tail and Green Moray Eels! Sometimes our green ribboned friends swim out to say hi with their mouths wide open but don't worry! Thats just how they breathe!

Sometimes in deeper waters we even see REEF SHARKS! And HAMMERHEADS!! Or beautiful pods of DOLPHINS!! And during migration season... the famous WHALE SHARKS pass by changing lives forever!! 

All types of FUNKY looking juvenile fishies buzz about the hard and soft corals on the reef's crest! Juvenile Spotted Drums, Trumpet fish, and Long Snout Sea Horses to name just a few!! 

The macro life here is INSANE!! Keep your eyes peeled for the little guys! The teeny tiny blennies no bigger than an infant's fingernail pop out of their coral holes to say hi! And the Jawfish offer non-stop entertainment! Their mini techno colored bodies hover just on top of their burrows, and when divers pass over them, they shoot into their space BACKWARDS! Only to wiggle right back out again! Hundreds of them at a time! 

Roatan's barrier reef, sea grass beds and mangroves house the island’s complex marine ecosystem. Thanks to the Roatan Marine Park, the Sandy Bay-West End Marine Reserve is now a protected area encompassing many Roatan dive sites; THE CARRIBEAN'S FINEST! With caves, 1000-foot coral walls and spectacular sea sponges, these waters are one of the best places ON PLANET EARTH!! 

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