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Call us! But sometimes we're under water- so email us, write us from our site, FB message us, DM us, send a smoke signal, or the best way is just to COME ON BY! We guarantee dives even without reservations so a quick pop in is ALWAYS welcome!

HERE'S HOW TO GET HERE!! We are approximately 4 cartwheels off the beaten path on our own private beach so getting here isn't tricky, you just have to know the way to find us! When you're in West End and facing the ocean, turn left and walk all the way to the end of the road until you hit the dead end. Like Ace of Base, you'll see our sign! Then take a right towards the water and walk down our secret path to discover another PARADISE! Take a left and skip blissfully along the shore and you'll run right into us! YAY ! Your day just got even BETTER. 

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Banana Nut Burgers Dive Shop

West End Road, at Titas Pink Seahorse

West End, Roatan, Islas de Bahia


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