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BananaNutBurgers Dive Shop offers the best boutique diving services with the best instructors on the best island in the world.

                                                                   Private diving & hand holding also available.


Private tours or groups, day or night - We take you to the most beautiful Spots for Snorkeling in Roatan. The legendary "Blue Channel" is right in front of our Beachfront Dive Shop...

_DSC0902 (2).jpg

We offer a wide range of unforgettable diving experiences. Diving Courses from Try Scuba Diving to Dive Master, Fundives, Wreckdives, Sharkdives, Lionfish Hunting and many more...


Join one of our single or multiple day tours to Utila, Guanaja, Cayos Cochinos or the Pigeon Keys. Chilling, Snorkeling and Diving around abandoned Keys and untouched Reefs...

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